5 Habits of Mind: Debroah Meier

Deborah Meier (an educational reformer, writer, and activist) believes that schools should teach students a specific set of skills in order to be highly effective. The skills, also known as ‘habits of mind,’ include:

  • Significance (why it is important)
  • Perspective (what is the point of view)
  • Evidence (how do you know)
  • Connection (how does it apply)
  • Supposition (what if it were different)

Here is a video of Deborah Meier further explaining the five habits of mind:

As a teacher, I believe that these questions should be used when creating lesson plans. As a teacher it is really important that our lessons include each of these elements. Having students critically think about what they are learning will provide them with the essential skills to be successful in their future.

Here is a great example of how a ninth and tenth grade teacher uses the five habits of mind in her lesson. The teacher does a great job of responding to the students questions.

Wagner, T. (2010). The global achievement gap. New York, NY: Basic Books.


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