Online Resource: Khan Academy

Khan Academy is a great, free, online resource that we have begun to implement in our Math Workshop curriculum. Math workshop is an additional math class to support students who are struggling in their regular math class.

Khan Academy includes a huge video library covering topics from basic addition to calculus, and ranging in topics from biology, chemistry, and personal finance.

In addition to its video library, Khan Academy also as a interactive problem solving section that addresses each mathematical topic. Students begin by clicking on the Practice tab that is located on the front page. Students then sign in by using a Facebook or Gmail account. Once they have entered the practice site, they can pick any topic from the knowledge map. For each topic students have to answer 10 problems in a row in order to become labeled “proficient” in that topic. If students need help, they can either watch the tutorial (which doesn’t hurt their streak) or they can ask for a hint (which brings their streak to 0). Students also have the option to print the problems, or to “show a scratch pad” which acts like a whiteboard.

The mathematics teachers at our site, have taken the time  to compare our curriculum with the topics on the knowledge map and found which sections correspond to each unit. Once a week, students in the math workshop class will have to complete the desired topics for each unit. Teachers can set up a class including their students so they can check on each student’s progress. Teachers can tell how many topics have been covered, the proficiency of each student, and the amount of time spent on each topic.

Overall, Khan academy is a great technological resource that individually meets the needs of each student. Students are allowed to move at their own pace throughout each topic and get extra help when needed. Check it out!